Re:imagining TYRE stores

We all love our cars and we all  love to shop, but for some reason buying a tyre is just not something we look forward to doing. Even though choosing the right tyre can have a direct impact on the quality of our ride as well as the mileage we get.
While it’s pretty clear that tyre is not really a sexy product to shop, why we don’t like to shop for tyres could also have to do with limited knowledge  and therefore disinterest.
A tyre buying retail experience is painful because of :
  1. We really can’t tell the difference between brands and product ranges.
  2. We don’t know “how” to buy a tyre
  3. Manufacturers tend to speak in complex technological terms such as ‘contact patch’, ‘vibration’ and ‘multi road surface’ which just tends to overwhelm the shopper
Here is Valley’s re-imagination of of the tyre category. The key insight behind the store design is to simplify the customer purchase decision by making it a 3 step process. Take a look at few visualisation of our idea.
Usage and Benefits are the only 2 questions to answer. A brand heritage wall, a system to evaluate tyres basis swatches thereby increasing floor space, ample seating area for the customer to watch their vehicle being worked on during which time the customer can view easy to digest category messages.
How can we help you re-invent your retail space?
Part 2 of Valley Re:imagine Series looks at how colour cosmetics retail can be improved within the Indian context.

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