Tablet retail Re:imagined at CROMA

CROMA retail a premium CDIT retailer in India has positioned themselves as the people who ‘HELP YOU BUY’.
CROMA spotted an opportunity in tablet retail, world over the market for which was growing way faster than any other CDIT category. With this knowledge and the promise to ‘help shoppers buy’ the direction for Valley India was to create a destination space for android tablets in-store and make it easy for shoppers to browse and shop for a tablet that is right for their specific needs.
Our research understanding on triggers to buy, helped us bucket the customer into 4 categories – Knowledge seekers, Social media sharers, Interactivity showmen and the Serious business users.croma shopper
For our communication strategy we took a clue from the in-store decision hierarchy that was currently in play. Which is that shoppers surfed first by Category and then Usage, followed by brand etc. In order to speak with the 4 buckets of customers who were segmented by usage we used the language of ‘Browse, Share, Create and Play’ which is how they use they devices.
Structure design as well as communication brought alive the tablet space. The same communication was used across other media too.
Click below to look at how VALLEY INDIA re:imagined tablet retailing
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More coming soon in the Valley India Re:imagine series.

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